Adam and Chao

A cute photograph of Adam Mark

Adam Mark

Growing up the middle child in the Mark family, Adam has always been someone who has sought out new and interesting experiences and meaningful connections with people. When he was not stirring up trouble with brothers Ryan and Nathan or winning playmates with his easy-going charm and scampish good-nature, he would invent his own imaginary friends to share in his adventures (shout-out to Fashi and Gonk). That creative spirit would continue to serve him through life as he nurtured a love of travel, music, good food, excellent whiskey, and beautiful art, eventually going on to study photography in college before discovering a natural predilection for web development. Adam continues to surround himself with joy and creativity, now living the best adventure yet in New York City with Chao and their two black kitties.

A cute photograph of Chao Li

Chao Li

Chao is the katamari of people, as the exuberance with which she rolls through everything life throws at her is matched only with the warmth and steadfast dedication that bonds her to the friends she makes along the way. From her ride-or-die Buffalo besties to her journalism cohort of fabulous female leaders, or from her colleagues and workmates to that favorite author she befriended on Twitter and brought churros to at a book signing, Chao has a special ability to genuinely connect with people. She lends this skill every day to her work as a product manager, where over the years with different companies she has met some of her closest friends. Outside of work Chao fills her life with her many colorful passions, serving as a mentor to LGBTQ teens, couponing and deal hunting, playing video games, and eating pasta. She is a dedicated cat guardian to Andi and BigBoi (aka the Outkats), who are also excited to welcome Adam into the family.

A photograph of Adam and Chao in the park looking into eachothers eyes lovingly. It’s incredibly cute.

The Meet Cute

In November of 2015 while working as a product manager at Vox Media, Chao went to a conference in London with some of her colleagues, including her teammate and friend, Ryan Mark. Sessions were attended, skills were learned, and many introductions were made while Chao networked her way through the conference. Yet the greatest connection was actually when she was introduced by Ryan to his little brother Adam, who had made the trip from Chicago to attend the conference and hit the town. They spent the evening getting to know each other over a pint (or several), and by the end of the night there was no turning back. “I wanted to kiss you the moment I met you,” Adam told Chao, who later changed his flight so that he could stay longer in London before spending a few days in Istanbul and heading home to Chicago. Perhaps Adam couldn’t get enough of that captivating girl with the quick wit and bubbling laugh. Or maybe it was the way Chao fell for the cute boy with the warm smile and dry humor that kept her giggling. Whatever it was that drew them together in that vibrant city across the pond, it was just the beginning of the world full of adventure and love ahead of them.

The Proposal

I just proposed to Adam
He said yes
I half got on my knees and I asked him then he said yes and I wrapped a piece of my pink hair around his finger
If he says yes to a piece of my hair, he’s THE weirdo I wanna spend my life with
In ancient times in China, women would sell their hair as a last resort if they really wanted somthing and didn’t have it.
So I was like, I don’t have a ring but my pink hair seems fitting
A photograph of Adam embracing Chao on a street corner, it’s O.M.G. so adorable they are so in love